A month in retrospect and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

I woke up this morning early,at least it was early for me. 6:45 am. I was surprised to be awake at this time. I hosted a jewelry show yesterday with 16 vendors in all in the sweltering heat for over 11 hours. This is not including the time I put into it leading up to the show.  The morning after events such as these I asks myself questions like..was it worth it? (months of work put into something with very little financial reward.) To answer this question i looked to the definition of entrepreneur and the sort of person that creates a business out of nothing. In the dictionary an entrepreneur is described as a "risk taker" someone who understands the risk of failure. That's my personality. I know the risk and I trudge forward anyway. But I'm not just an entrepreneur. I love community and sometimes I need to step out of my lonely one woman business and involve other folks. There are so many gifted artisans in this town and it is so awesome to see everyone come together from time to time for events such as the jewelry show. So, I found the answers to my questions.. This lone wolf needs her community of artisans. You inspire me to keep going on my path and I hope that I inspire you to take risks. They don't always reap rewards financially but thats not the only reason we do what we do.

A month in the life of an entrepreneur:

1)Terrarium workshop

2)Wedding jewelry

3) Horse collage birthday party

4)Gnome Cottage workshop

5) You tube channel video shoot on Gnome dwellings


Another busy weekend ahead!

But first a recap of the past few weeks….

 Set up for the  sold out Terrarium workshop.

Set up for the  sold out Terrarium workshop.

2 weekends ago was all about Terrariums! I hosted a terrarium birthday party for a sweet 8 year old and a Terrarium workshop for adults and children.

And..on Monday I began shooting for a New Youtube Channel called "DIY..NOT!" This series is entitled, "How to Make a Home for your Gnome." This stems from a recent collaboration with author of a new book entitled "Gnome on the Roam" Anne Armstrong is set to release her book in june so keep an eye out for it! Artist Emily Sue Laird is producing the videos and helping with the craft projects!

 Gnome Dwellings.

Gnome Dwellings.


  • Saturday- Horse collage art party!
  • Sunday- Sold Out Gnome Cottage Workshop.
  •  Saturday June 6- SHINE! Jewelry Show at The Idea Hatchery 10-6

New Parties and my 1st workshops!

I am so grateful for the support I've had thus far and am really excited about the parties and workshops that I've hosted!


I've been blessed with so many wonderful kids to teach and entertain! In January we had more "Toadstools & Terrariums" Parties!

 Mermaid Party

Mermaid Party

I added a Mermaid Themed Party and it was a blast! The art the girls created was fantastic!

..then came my 1st workshop…needle felting with Chris Armstrong. The best thing about this one is that I brought in a guest teacher and got to enjoy watching others learn a new craft!

Tomorrow I'm teaching jewelry making 101 to preteens and teens! This is going to be so fun!!! If you are interested in getting together with others and making things keep checking in. I've got a Fairy House workshop, a Terrarium and macrame plant holder workshop and SUMMER ART CAMP!  XO

2015..a time of abundance.

January is here! I've taken a little time off to spend time with my family, but I've also been planning workshops and parties! A few are listed below..

  • Jewelry 101 for preteens & teens-students will learn the tools they need to string beads. With these tools and some techniques learned in class they will be able to make jewelry for themselves and loved ones. We will discuss design and color and leave with a finished bracelet and earrings!

  • Needle felting with Chris Armstrong- Join Chris and learn the ancient tradition of needle felting. Wool is sculpted with a needle into beautiful works of art. Chris is an expert needle felter and an excellent teacher!

  • Make your own fairy cottage- We will explore the significance of nature tables in Waldorf tradition and create a focal point for the nature table, or anywhere else you would like to add a natural element to your home(next to plants, on a bookshelf,etc..)

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Goodnight!

a much needed rest for PaperMoon...

On October 11 I launched my new business with a Day of the Dead themed opening. The Shops at Woodland and Art & Invention Gallery helped celebrate my opening at 5 Points, along with 7 vendors including food, art, face- painting, a DJ and psychic readings. It was wonderful!!!

  Since my opening 2 months ago I have had 4 craft parties, been in 4 craft shows(2 of which I was in charge)  planned and hosted 2 events AND reopened my jewelry shop "Crescent Moon Jewels" at Moss in the Idea Hatchery at 1108 Woodland St! I have worked and planned and worked and planned and now I am going to enjoy a rest until January!

  Book your January Party now! I've already got some parties on the books so don't delay!



Here is a look back...

Holiday Schedule!

Nov.29: Shop at Moss for Small Business Saturday! Crescent Moon Jewels is back in business with a new selection of holiday jewelry and tapestries!

Dec.6: Holiday Bazaar and open house in Marathon village! Bring the family for music, shopping, food and ornament making with me! 

Dec.7: Private Party

Dec.11: East Nashville Moms club holiday Bazaar at my home! (1109 calvin ave. 37206) 

Dec.13: Making Memories with Fairytales Bookstore and Paper Moon Crafts! Christmas storytime followed by ornament making in the airstream! 

The return of Moss & Crescent Moon Jewels…Parties, Holiday Markets and More!

To say I'm busy is an understatement! This time of year is especially busy for all retail shops. Add parties, making jewelry and crafts, opening a new business and reopening and old one and ..well..you can only imagine!!!


I am so pleased to announce that Melita and I will be partnering up again to reopen in the spot where Hello Boys used to be at 1108 Woodland street! There are several reasons for this decision. the 1st being that I miss having a space for my jewelry and being a partner with the lovely Melita as well! The jewelry and clothes work so well together! In addition to clothes and jewelry we will be selling tapestries, rugs and other gypsy accessories!

Another reason for my decision is the covered patio in front of the shop. This will be a perfect place for on site parties in the spring and summer when Im not traveling in the airstream! Im really excited about that!

This weekend is all about fantasy and wonder. The woodland party included more terrariums with unicorns, toadstools and even crystals! Todays party is a Knights of the Round table party with Coats of Arms, Shield painting and potion making!

 Mythical Woodland party!

Mythical Woodland party!

  • Upcoming Events include: Dec. 6 Holiday Crafting at Marathon Villages Holiday market Place.
  • The Kindness Elves: A collaboration with Fairytales Bookstore!( More info. coming soon)
  • Dec.11: East Nashville Mom's Club Bazzar!


Plan your holiday craft party NOW!

 Potion bottles!

Potion bottles!

 working on a demo of a shield   

working on a demo of a shield


Paper Moon News!


  • For the next 3 weekends I am booked! 
  • New parties include mythical/ Harry Potter and Medieval Party!
  • I am almost sold out of craft kits but will be making more next week! These will include: Pinecone winter gnomes,tiny terrariums, fairy wands and more! These are great inexpensive Holiday gifts for the crafty child!
  • Paper Moon will be closed this week due to parties on Friday and Saturday, but will have normal business hours next week! (11- 5 pm. Wed.-Sat.)

Book your holiday craft party now!!

  1. Make holiday decorations
  2. Make gifts for children and adults! Handmade gifts are the best!!!

Elves Faire!

It's another busy week for Paper Moon. The airstream will be at the fun family event on Saturday 9-4 pm at linden Waldorf School

Children can pick out handmade items in the Angel Room

Upcoming events!

  •  Saturday October 24 10-4 :POPCLECTIC!!! Join us tomorrow at University School for amazing art at ARTCLECTIC and crafts at POPCLECTIC!! I will be selling craft kits for children. They are perfect for holiday presents and birthdays!!! Learn more about my jewelry and craft parties as well!
  • Sunday,October 25: Birthday party!
  • Saturday Nov. 1: 12-5 -Open Crafting at 11o8 Woodland st. 
  • Sat. Nov.15- Birthday party!

Settling in..

The sun came out today and so did the decorations!

We set up a tent and hung some fall leaves. I hung lights outside and added pumpkins and plants. She's starting to feel like home. Join me tomorrow for rock painting and tote bag painting as well. If it's nice we will be outside. :)


Making craft kits and planning my 1st two parties!

Today we moved Athena to her new home at 1108 Woodland Street!

After I set up shop I decided to work on craft kits. These kits will be for sale at Popclectic(part of Artclectic) at University School. These kits will have all you need to make a cute craft on your own! They are great birthday party gifts because most are 10-15 dollars!

Then I began planning my 1st two birthday parties coming up in less than 2 weeks. One is a Medieval party where the Knights of the round table will come together to make shields and banners for their  Medieval games.

The next party is a terrarium tea party. Little girls will drink tea and make terrariums complete with toadstools, rocks and fairy houses for this woodland themed event! I think this is as much fun for me as it will be for them!

Coming home!

Tomorrow Athena (my airstream) will be moving to her new home behind the shops at 1108 Woodland St! I'm really looking forward to being next to the space I shared at Moss! You will find a great group of shops and some cool folks as well. It's time to settle down..that is until our 1st party on October 24 and another on the 26th! I'm soooo excited!!!!

I'm open for business!

  • -Today and Tomorrow I will be at Linden Waldorf for Elves's Faire crafting

Open Wednesday- Saturday 12-6,

1108 Woodland st. Behind the Idea Hatchery


 Walk-in Art Studio 

  • Wed: Make a toadstool peg doll family $10

  • Thur: Decorate a fairy wand $10  

  • Friday-Sat: Paint a tote bag $15                

Retail open Wednesday- Saturday!



almost 2 years later….

Jan 2013- I had this Idea. It had been brewing for a couple of years. It started as a joke, sort-of, but I always knew it was more. I used to joke with friends about having some sort of bus or trailer.We could travel around in this wildly decorated vehicle making crafts or selling whatever we had to sell. We would play disco music and wear crazy outfits! It would be a blast...

Soon after that I became obsessed with gypsy wagons. I imagined taking hipster to a whole new level by having one of these horse drawn wagons in East Nashville. I would cruise around 5 Points with my tapestries and shawls selling jewelry to passersby..

Horse drawn wagons were probably not legal but I had 100s of photos on Pinterest and I loved them so much! How could I make this possible?

THE AHA MOMENT! Let's see. First I wanted this moble craft/party space. i was obsessed with gypsy wagons and I needed a studio! Why not buy an airstream and make it LOOK like one of those French Gypsy caravans on the inside! The search was on! Hours, days,weeks and months on craigslist lead me to Athena, my 1967 Airstream Overlander..This was only the beginning!

to be continued..

 the interior when we bought her. not bad!

the interior when we bought her. not bad!

 Right after I bought her!

Right after I bought her!