Making craft kits and planning my 1st two parties!

Today we moved Athena to her new home at 1108 Woodland Street!

After I set up shop I decided to work on craft kits. These kits will be for sale at Popclectic(part of Artclectic) at University School. These kits will have all you need to make a cute craft on your own! They are great birthday party gifts because most are 10-15 dollars!

Then I began planning my 1st two birthday parties coming up in less than 2 weeks. One is a Medieval party where the Knights of the round table will come together to make shields and banners for their  Medieval games.

The next party is a terrarium tea party. Little girls will drink tea and make terrariums complete with toadstools, rocks and fairy houses for this woodland themed event! I think this is as much fun for me as it will be for them!