The return of Moss & Crescent Moon Jewels…Parties, Holiday Markets and More!

To say I'm busy is an understatement! This time of year is especially busy for all retail shops. Add parties, making jewelry and crafts, opening a new business and reopening and old one and can only imagine!!!


I am so pleased to announce that Melita and I will be partnering up again to reopen in the spot where Hello Boys used to be at 1108 Woodland street! There are several reasons for this decision. the 1st being that I miss having a space for my jewelry and being a partner with the lovely Melita as well! The jewelry and clothes work so well together! In addition to clothes and jewelry we will be selling tapestries, rugs and other gypsy accessories!

Another reason for my decision is the covered patio in front of the shop. This will be a perfect place for on site parties in the spring and summer when Im not traveling in the airstream! Im really excited about that!

This weekend is all about fantasy and wonder. The woodland party included more terrariums with unicorns, toadstools and even crystals! Todays party is a Knights of the Round table party with Coats of Arms, Shield painting and potion making!

 Mythical Woodland party!

Mythical Woodland party!

  • Upcoming Events include: Dec. 6 Holiday Crafting at Marathon Villages Holiday market Place.
  • The Kindness Elves: A collaboration with Fairytales Bookstore!( More info. coming soon)
  • Dec.11: East Nashville Mom's Club Bazzar!