A month in retrospect and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

I woke up this morning early,at least it was early for me. 6:45 am. I was surprised to be awake at this time. I hosted a jewelry show yesterday with 16 vendors in all in the sweltering heat for over 11 hours. This is not including the time I put into it leading up to the show.  The morning after events such as these I asks myself questions like..was it worth it? (months of work put into something with very little financial reward.) To answer this question i looked to the definition of entrepreneur and the sort of person that creates a business out of nothing. In the dictionary an entrepreneur is described as a "risk taker" someone who understands the risk of failure. That's my personality. I know the risk and I trudge forward anyway. But I'm not just an entrepreneur. I love community and sometimes I need to step out of my lonely one woman business and involve other folks. There are so many gifted artisans in this town and it is so awesome to see everyone come together from time to time for events such as the jewelry show. So, I found the answers to my questions.. This lone wolf needs her community of artisans. You inspire me to keep going on my path and I hope that I inspire you to take risks. They don't always reap rewards financially but thats not the only reason we do what we do.

A month in the life of an entrepreneur:

1)Terrarium workshop

2)Wedding jewelry

3) Horse collage birthday party

4)Gnome Cottage workshop

5) You tube channel video shoot on Gnome dwellings